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Beyond Exterior

Distinctive Diamond Exterior Design

Discover the cutting edge looks of the Toyota C-HR, a distinctive coupe style body, replicating the diamond-inspired concept sketch creates a strong impression.

Bold Cabin

Boldly tapered cabin and widely
protruding lower section create a
distinctive and imposing stance.


Sharp Face

Sharp face and strong stance highlighted by wing-like headlamp motif and broad lower bumper.


Iconic Diamond Shape

Iconic diamond shape on the side evokes sophistication, attractiveness, and strength.


Side View Sense of Speed

Side view achieves a sense of speed, while the strong beltline & blacked-out rocker panel emphasized the slim and elevated body.

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Beyond Interior

Driver-Pleasure Oriented Interior Design

Experience the stylish and stimulating atmosphere with driver‐oriented functionality. Combination meters and displays have been placed along the driver’s line‐of‐sight and controls have been strategically positioned to match the operation sequences.

So, once you get in, you’re instantly surrounded by a space that’s been designed for someone who is really passionate about driving.

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Beyond Safety

Safety Travel With Peace Of Mind

The new Toyota C-HR carries state-of-the-art safety technology with advance safety features and that are designed to help keep you alert and safe in the event of an accident.

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Beyond Performance

Desired Driving Performance


Immediate response to driver operations


Accurate top driver input


Undeviating and dependable under various conditions

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